Da LES Set To Release Come Back Album

Da LES Set To Release Come Back Album. It has been confirmed by rapper Da LES that a new album from him is soon to be done, dusted and delivered.

Da Les rose into prominence in the early 2000’s when he joined Hip Hop group Jozi alongside Bongani Fassie and Ishmael Morabe. As the years went the group’s members went their separate ways, this was after dropping hits Gotta Keep It Going, What’s With The Attitude and Diva to say the least.

After being introduced to the various musical talents of the Da Les from Jozi he captured an attention of many music lovers. After going solo and coming through with singles Real Stuff, Lifestyle and Popular Demand to mention a few, he focused on other ventures.

To give music a major chance again he announced that he will be releasing a new album which is already on its last phases of preparation.

“I’m working on my mentals and physical, album already done. I’m finna put this shit out soon. For those who really fuck with me it’s bout to be that time again. LOVE,” announced Les.

Aphelele Peyana

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