DJ Khaled Breaks-down The Difference Between A Producer And A Beat Maker

DJ Khaled Breaks-down The Difference Between A Producer And A Beat Maker. The self proclaimed god father of hip hop DJ Khaled, schooled the masses about what defines a beat maker from a producer and you better and let’s just say you might wanna take notes.

In an interview Khaled first and foremost praised himself for always showing off his team unlike “these other guys” and began listing the members in his production team and which records they helped create.

When the topic of Quincey Jones not having produced Micheal Jackson’s Thriller, ‘Billy” got into the nitty gritties of who is responsible for what and according to the award winning DJ, a producer is the starring of the show.

“Basically this is what it is, a producer gets the job done and makes the record come to light and 90% of the creative process cause on my record, i can speak on my record, it’s all my vibes

“Producers get the job done if it’s from getting a beat maker with you in there, sometimes i gotta call a guitarist in, a keyboard player in, sometimes i gotta get a guy to play the flute, i tell them sometimes what to play from my mouth, thats producing you know , what I’m saying, thats writing” Khaled said.

There you have it folks!

Watch the video below

By Sinakho Mandla

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