Flames Lays Bare His Heartache After A Messy Break Up With His Girlfriend

Flames Lays Bare His Heartache After A Messy Break Up With His Girlfriend. 2020 didn’t just come with an incurable virus that has claimed thousands of lives, it also led to a number of couples cutting ties.

Rapper Flame is also one to go through a messy break-up in the course of the year. His girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle was exposed for cheating by J Molley’s manager Nave. It was the second time she was exposed for such acts, first time Ex-global went online to reveal that she made a move on him.

“I’ve been reading nothing but assumptions and lies for a WHILE now . Flame Is dating someone I used to date years back and he knew . So the whole story of me f#cking his girl and that’s how the crew split is a lie , stop it . The truth is no one’s friend , Enjoy the musi,” wrote Ex Global clarifying.

Before all the drama took place, Flame was a man in Lovejoy week in week out posted an image of themselves loved up. What he didn’t count was the humiliation that led to the separation, unlike those who would hide under a umbrella the Candy Man expressed himself.

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