How DJ Citi Lyts Recently Honoured Late Brother’s Pro Kid Memory

How DJ Citi Lyts Recently Honoured Brother’s Pro Kid Memory. Brother to the fallen star Pro Kid shared a statement to accompany the new single of Kas’Lam. The single was intended to honour Pro also featuring the likes of Blayze & Bless.

The best thing about Kas’Lam is that it consists of an unheard verse from Pro, it marks as many attempts Citi Lyts has implemented to keep the Bhampa rapper’s name alive.

Released on the 22nd of June to celebrate his birthday Citi Lyts said : “To honour my brother’s hard-work and contributions within the hip hop fraternity, I am dropping a single titled Kasi lami that’s long overdue. I am humbled to have grown under his supervision and nurturing.”

City lyts addressed fans the last time to not purchase clothes branded with Pro’s signature title Dankie San.

“Please do this for PRO and the Mkhize family. Don’t support any ‘Dankie San!!’ clothing you see out there that’s sold. We haven’t approved clothing items to be produced, sold or marketed as yet people are playing silly games out here. Please.”

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Aphelele Peyana

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