Nadia Nakai On Whether She’d Get Back With Her Ex

Nadia Nakai On Whether She’d Get Back With Her Ex! We’re currently in the middle of winter and a pandemic which might make it a challenge for some to find someone new but does than mean you should go back to your ex?

Media personality K Naomi recently asked on twitter if her followers would get back with their exes. Bragga jumped in to respond saying that coldfront or no coldfront, she would not get back with an ex. We’re not sure if it’s a particular one or all of them.

“Nope,” Nadia simply stated.

Nadia went on to explain how turning 30 was a game changer for her in terms of what she allows or not allow. “Turning 30 comes with sooo much clarity, I’m selfish as hell… my time, my attention, my space… back up off me energy if you ain’t worth it…,” she tweeted.

It seems Bragga might still be single following her major breakup back in 2019. She later expressed her regret for ghosting a sweet Nigerian man the last time she was in Nigeria.

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