Priddy Ugly On Why He Regrets Buying A VW Car!

Priddy Ugly On Why He Regrets Buying A VW Car! Just over two years ago, Priddy Ugly bought himself a brand new Volkswagen Golf GTI and shared how much it meant to him.

Over the past two years, the rapper has featured his whip in his photos and videos on social media proving it’s been a great ride but now it seems he is regretting buying a car from the VW brand.

Taking to social media this week, Priddy Ugly said he was high key regretting buying a VW because of their poor services. “I definitely think VW SA has the WORST service of any dealership that I have ever dealt with. High Key regret ever purchasing a VW. Lesson learnt,” he tweeted.

His wife Bontle also tweeted in support of him saying “never again”. We wonder which brand the Molois will go for their next car purchase. Any advice for them?

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