“Scoop must pay me money,” Ntukza Details Reasons Of His Plan To Take Legal Action Against Scoop Makhathini

“Scoop must pay me money,” Ntukza Details Reasons Of His Plan To Take Legal Action Against Scoop Makhathini. Ntukza has always been very bold when it comes to his view concerning the music industry.

After being blamed for being the reason Teargas split, the 40 year-old was unfortunate enough to suffer more slander when he released GYHO.

Ntukza decided to went on a detailed rant of his rage towards Scoop Makhathini who criticized his single GYHO back in 2017. The criticism led to the Kasi Love rapper losing out on opportunities to make money out of the song.

“I made a song GYHO, planned for it without money in my pockets trying to make a living for my people. Spent to record, to create with expectation of fruit. Scoop & his twitter stooges came & worked against that,” he wrote.

“Scoop must watch his stooges & not be surprised if I have to press for him to compensate me for the year he messed for me. For all those positive comments on the GYHO YouTube video, Scoop must pay me money for this continues slender. I’ll open a case against it ama stooge azo mkolekela,” he added.

The Say No More rapper went on to add that Scoop owed him a SAMA award for 2017.

“Scoop & his bath starved trollz actually owe me a SAMA for 2017 because GYHO was making BIG noise & I latter got shortlisted to be in the hip hop category. The smear campaign was clearly planned out & served its purpose because until today people are mad.”

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