Tellaman Let Loose A New Joint ‘Cross My Heart Remix’ Feat. Nigerian Alpha P

Tellaman Let Loose A New Joint ‘Cross My Heart Remix’ Feat. Nigerian Alpha P. One thing that has worked to the artist’s advantage especially during lockdown were the projects they did beforehand.

Usually an artist would push a single while holding back visuals to build enough hype. The case seems to be similar with Tellaman who managed to let loose the motion graphics shot in Nigeria. But before dropping the music video he introduced a single Cross My Heart remix featuring Alpha P.

“I’m getting ready to drop new music, excited for sure! While I was in Nigeria I shot a quick video for #CroosMyHeart & it wouldn’t be fair if I start dropping new music without lettting this one go. 🚀 ” wrote Tellman.

The single serves as one of many portrayals of his new found confidence after criticism.

“Been called all kinds of things… Ugly, Weird, Awkward, dumb… the list goes on and on and on…BUT. I STILL GRIND, LOVE AND HOLD ME DOWN. I STILL MAKE MONEY & LIVE MY DREAM. I STILL MAKE GREAT MUSIC. I STILL FUCK & CURVE THE HOTTEST GIRLS.The list goes on and on.”

The single’s official date release hasn’t been shared but it is available for pre-orded on this LINK!

Aphelele Peyana

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