AKA’s Most Heated Twar’s In 2020 So Far

AKA’s Most Heated Twar’s In 2020 So Far. There’s something about Mega that just makes the internet more interesting especially when there’s tension involved because we know it’s about to get lit.

Expressing how there is far too little competition in the Mzansi hip hop game, AKA seems to have little competition in them internet streets but there are those who have given him a fair fight which often tends to spin a little out of control.

AKA has had many disagreement on the internet, enough to make a whole list but today we’re just going to look at the 3 most interesting Twar’s he has had in 2020 so far.

AKA vs Cassper

Cassper and AKA have had some long standing beef but this year the rapper’s took it up a notch when AKA dragged Mufasa’s parents into the matter, throwing all kinds of insults which stemmed from a boxing match that was supposed to happen between the two.

It’s unclear if the rapper’s will ever let bygone’s be bygones’s but it’s safe to say that the ship has sailed for now.

AKA vs Sizwe Dhlomo

AKA and Sizwe Dhlomo also had an intense Twar for the whole twitterverse to see and things went off the rails when AKA once again dragged Dhlomo and his family in to a fight against Cassper, where Bhova claiming that Sizwe’s grandfather was an alleged apartheid snitch.

However all is well now seeing as the Mega has privately and publicly apologized to Sizwe and would gladly place him in his ministry if he would ever run for president.

AKA vs Ifani

AKA and Ifani had a fall out on twitter dating back to all the way in 2015 but AKA being such a spice master, rekindled the tension by throwing a young jab to Ifani’s career in the Gemini Major remix for ‘Right Now’.

Furthermore, AKA called Ifani a “rubbish artist” on social media but somehow, the Ewe hitmaker still found it in himself to forgive the Mega, but is the feeling mutual?

AKA vs Black Twitter

If we had a penny for every time the Mega had an altercation with twitter trolls, we would be millionaires because of his very impressive track record of twitter war wins against disrespectful people that were handled very quickly.

By Sinakho Mandla

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