How Gigi Lamayne Thanked Rashid Kay For “Wiping” Her Tears

How Gigi Lamayne Thanked Rashid Kay For “Wiping” Her Tears. The support and love some rappers have for each other is real, the latest proof to that was made by Gigi Lamayne.

The Job Woods star has been through a share of downs in her life, one of the people to push her to be best is fellow rapper Rashid Kay. After all, Gigi has never beefed with anyone which may the reason almost every rapper is always rooting for her. Cassper and Nadia have also shared how much they appreciate her.

Gigi revealed once the horrendous experiences she endured as a child growing up. 3 years ago, she attempted committing suicide. She admitted to have been goring through depression, all these experiences led to people who admire her wanting to protect her.

Rashid Kay played a part of being a great friend according to the Fufa rapper by wiping her tears in her worst moments.

“Come rain come sunshine. You’ll always be the closest. Probably the only realest.@rashid_kay thank you for wiping my tears. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me, me.”

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