Kwesta Shares His Views On The Criticism By Nota That Cassper & Nasty C’s New Releases Are “Bad & Corny”

Kwesta Shares His Views On The Criticism By Nota That Cassper & Nasty C’s New Releases Are “Bad & Corny”. Things get heated up on social media as views fuel up about the new music that has dropped.

A musician by the popular name of Lavida Nota went on a lengthy rant on twitter expressing how he feels the two new singles by Cassper & Nasty c aren’t good. These views were traced back to Kwesta who hadn’t said anything but simply because he once had a long working relationship with Nota.

“Zulu Man is corny as shit. Zola & Cassper got together and no one said this shit is weak. Ya’ll surrounded by Yes Men. You need to get new friends. You’re people been lying to you. After introducing Trap to South Africa in 2012 with Boomshakalaka the only ones that did it justice,” wrote Nota.

He added on how he tried to give the rappers lessons on making good music.

“Emtee, Saudi & Sjava… @ItsYangaChief & I tried to put ya’ll on game but clearly ya’ll just came to get rich quick and not make good music. History will forget you & your so-called accomplishments because your music is garbage. Nasty C hasn’t improved in 4-years.

Lavida who has worked with Kwesta on a few hits proceeded to state that Cassper and Nasty must re-evaluate their sound.

“Cassper’s hasn’t released anything better than Tsholofelo in 4 attempts & still hasn’t hired good producers and writers to help him get better. Too much ego is holding these artists back & we the music buying public have to be subjected to such poor quality products.

“Nasty & Cassper they need to get help making music or just quit now judging by their 2020 releases. Costa Titch is making better music than all ya’ll!”

Since Nota was once linked to Kwesta, the Njandini rapper quickly came forward to clear his part.

“We did many great things together. @lavidaNOTA played a very CRUCIAL role in my career. I just don’t want to speak on his behalf and on things only he has the answers to. I also want future communication routes to be clear. That’s respect.

The platinum selling rapper went on to share with fans that he no longer has a professional relationship with the artist.

“Ekse.. I need everyone to know that @lavidanota and I no longer work together and haven’t been for a while now. To those that have been calling me trying to reach him, please contact him directly and to those that have been calling him to reach me, please do the same. Ta.”

The views by Nota went on to include that Cass ruined Zola 7’s legacy, none of the rapper criticized have responded yet .

Get BongiNkosi by Cassper Feat. Zola 7 and Zulu Man By Nasty C

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