SA Rappers’ Reactions To The Newly Released Nasty C Album #ZuluManWithSomePower

SA Rappers’ Reactions To The Newly Released Nasty C Album #ZMWSP. The highly anticipated project by Nasty C has finally dropped and it is everything he promised us it will be.

What we basically have is a depiction of a Zulu Man With Some Power-ful raps and well penned verses.

ZMWSP consists of a total of 20 songs including the ones with top features of T.I, Ari Lennox, Rowlene, and Tellaman at least. There’s even an additional track of Ababulali where he puts an emphasis on his new Zulu sound.

“I’m a different flavour of Zulu and that’s what I’m trying to show to the world, you know?” Nasty C explained. He shared how his father is Zulu and is mother being Xhosa. Born from two South African tribes, Nasty C revels in his upbringing, culture and heritage. Zulu Man With Some Power, speaks to him ultimately owning who he is and inspiring the next generation of black children to dream and embrace their uniqueness.

Rappers couldn’t help but praise the young star on dropping yet another Platinum worthy project.

Below is how they reacted:

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