Watch! Zingah Shares A Snippet Of His Latest Project

Watch! Zingah Shares A Snippet Of His Latest Project. Zingah is hard at work in the studio putting together what sounds like one of the most epic album releases and judging from the taste that he gave the people of what’s to come, the streets are going to go wild.

Zingah is working on a fire album and the rapper took to twitter to give a teaser of his latest project of which we hope will be included in his upcoming album.

The song titled ‘Nomusa’ is a love song with a chilled composition where the rapper lays his heart out to a special lady who has his heart in the palm of her hand,

The Dlala hitmaker has spoken of taking a more diverse musical direction with his music and is creating more meaningful music while also discovering new sounds.

Who said hip hop can’t be romantic.

Listen to the clip below.

By Sinakho Mandla

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