Cruz Afrika Throws A Cold Diss To A-Reece’s Fans

Cruz is adamant that he will break barriers with his upcoming Ep Half Of Me

Cruz Afrika Throws A Cold Diss To A-Reece’s Fans. If you are an A-Reece fan you have been addressed by Cruz Afrika who is currently cooking an EP he aims to dominate with.

Afrika tweeted an opinion about how fans waste time hyping up bad albums, he made a distinct specification of A-Reece’s fans. In the same space stated that his project will takeover the space.

“Niggaz outta here dropping trash albums, As for Areece fans πŸ€” I cant wait to fuck up Radiomonitor | Mainstream TV and the Twitter trends with my new Ep #HalfOfMe , Am about to make african proud,” he wrote.

In addition to hyping up his release Cruz called it the most anticipated art of the decade.

“Oksalayo #HalfOfMeEp is the most anticipated Ep to drop soon , fuck what your heard is coming, the Logan and paradise2 fuck that shit ,Am on beast mood , like it or not about to drop #Halfofme Ep,” he assured everyone.

As for Reece he is working on dropping his third studio album Paradise 2.Β 

Here’s how fans reacted;


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