Here’s Why AKA Preferred To Register Bhovamania As An EP And Not An Album

AKA urges to not rush him with his releases

Here’s Why AKA Preferred To Register Bhovamania As An EP And Not An Album. When a fan asked Mega if he would release an album as a follow up from the EP, he explained why he refers to the project as an EP and not an album.

What AKA laid out clearly was that the upcoming project is in a form of an album, Bhovamania consists of a total of 13 songs including an intro. The songs are categorized into three sections where the rapper taps into what connects with his heart, mind and soul.

When the rapper decided to introduce Bhovamania as an EP it was because he used a technique of the package.

“Can I please just get this next project out before we start talking about the next one. Sheesh. Also … don’t get so stuck on the word “album”. The only reason I’m calling it an “EP” is because it’s the first time I use a concept to guide the process,” he wrote.

An additional track that makes it impossible to wait for the release is titled Mufasa. A name of his rival, since they had a boxing match up coming up one can only guess what the single is about.


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