Here’s Why Rashid Kay Called AKA’s Fela In Versace & Nasty C’s Steve Biko “Indirectly Educational”

Rashid asks if he is reaching for posing hard questions

Here’s Why Rashid Kay Called AKA’s Fela In Versace & Nasty C’s Steve Biko “Indirectly Educational”. In hip hop there’s usually more opinions than facts and rarely do rappers question each other on the content of their music, that is to an exception of Rashid Kay.

The co-founder of South African Hip Hop Awards Rashid posed his sentiments on Twitter regarding the singles by Nasty C (Steve Biko) and AKA’s Fela In Versace.

Kay stated that the songs carry the names of the most celebrated people in African history, but the rappers didn’t say anything in relation to these heroes in their music. Instead it motivated people to search about these people, more especially the young children. He said both songs were “indirectly Educational”.

“The lyrics on “Fela In Versace” by AKA have nothing to do with Fela Kuti. “Steve Biko” by Nasty C have nothing to do with Steve Biko.If you didn’t know these people, you will google them and learn more about them. So these songs are indirectly educational, or am I reaching?” He asked.

Below is how fans answered him;

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