How Shane Eagle Tried To Scoop A Feature With A-Reece

How Shane Eagle Tried To Scoop A Feature With A-Reece. The industry has proven how easily it can bring people together same way it can easily separate them.

Shane Eagle & A-Reece proved there’s no bad blood between them and may have a joint project coming up.

Reece isn’t that much active on social media but when he makes his brief appearances he always make a statement. The 23 year-old praised an album by Shane Eagle titled Yellow back in 2017, in his words he called it an art that deserved to be treated like mural.

‘Mural’ is a painting which illustrates or artwork done with the use of paints and is a large painting, usually drawn on a wall. According to A-Reece the Yellow album deserved to be treated like a mural.

In response 3 years later, Shane simply suggested that they hop on a record together, “This Fye we should drop one on em in the future $$$.”

Reece has Paradise 2 album coming up after dropping singles Selfish, Residual Self and Nobody Is Safe . As for Shane after dropping Dark Moon Flower and touring with US rapper Bas he teased an upcoming release under J.Cole’s DreamVille stable.

In His Image rapper hasn’t replied to Eagle on his proposal. The Let It Flow rapper joins the likes of AKA, Cassper and Stogie T who have attempted to get Reece on their albums with no results.

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