Kwesta Takes Serious Action Against BMW For Sampling “Spirit” Without His Consent

Kwesta not pleased by car brand using his song without permission

Kwesta Takes Serious Action Against BMW For Sampling “Spirit” Without His Consent. Earlier on the day international car brand BMW had its SA local branch release an advertisement that has Kwesta’s song Spirit on the background. As impressive as the ad seemed, it was later revealed by the Ngud’ rapper that he wasn’t aware and would like to take legal action against the brand.

Kwesta first revealed that he was downstairs at the company’s headquarters to discuss the matter of sampling his song Spirit feat. Wale (produced by Makwa) without consent.

“Had to school myself and get expert opinion and backing first.. Si down stairs bafwethu!!! Sivaya ngama ‘grootman’ abhaya,” he wrote.

In addition to expressing how resentful he is of the actions taken by BMW, the Njandin hitmaker said he wasn’t happy with the sampling that didn’t go through him first.

“Do the right thing!!! It took so much effort from so many people to get the rights to sample that song. We did the right thing because we understood the value of the art! This ad cheapens all of those efforts. DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ‘The Grootmans’ @BMW_SA,” he added.

BMW hasn’t replied to the rapper publicly, and hasn’t removed the ad which is now standing at over 80 000 views.

Watch ad!



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