Moozlie Slams Scammer’s Twitter Account For Trying To Sabotage Her “Moozlie Rap Tee” Charity Initiative

Moozlie Slams Scammer's Twitter Account For Trying To Sabotage Her "Moozlie Rap Tee" Charity Initiative

Moozlie has announced the release of her “Moozlie Rap Tee” merchandise which is now available for purchase, revealing that all profits from the merch will be donated to charity however, she is livid by a scammer’s account that also promoted their similar range of merchandise tee’s with the rappers brand and image the very next day of her release.

Taking to social media, Moozlie expressed her disgust in the manufacturer’s who tried to steal the spotlight away from her initiative and even had the audacity to tag her on the post. In celebration of Heritage Day Moozlie shared her partnership with Grade Africa to create a range of limited edition Moozlie t-shirts.

She further explained the merchandise is a celebration of her decade long hometown title of “Miss Benoni” which will also benefit the community of Benoni as all profits will be donated to the “Benoni Children’s Home” which is an initiative near and dear to her heart.

“To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of my Miss Benoni title, ALL profits from the sales will be donated to Benoni Children’s Home. This is really special to me & so close to my heart. Anyone who supports this will have my love & respect forever” she wrote.

The “Python” collaborator was not impressed when a twitter account in a now deleted tweet tagged her in a post promoting their very own line of Moozlie inspired tee’s which made the rapper feel as though they were trying to steal the spotlight away from her movement and she was not impressed to say the least.

She also warned if anyone is frauded out of their money on her behalf, she will be taking action.

You also gave me the feeling of ya’ll being frauds but ke…if ya’ll scam even 1 person & try belittle the movement @gradeafrica have started FOR CHARITY you’ll be doing a lot more than apologizing” Moozlie wrote.

By Sinakho Mandla

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