Nasty C Drops New Gold Range Of ZMWSP Merch At An Affordable Price

Nasty C give fans more than what they expected!

Nasty C Drops New Gold Range Of ZMWSP Merch At An Affordable Price. A few weeks after releasing his globally recognized project Zulu Man With Some Power Nasty C came through with a merch registered under the name of the album.

What makes this new offering of fashion impressive is the color they came in which is white/gold and black. The aim was to represent the theme of the song. After all, he did once mention how the inspiration of the art cover came about.

“Myself and No I.D have a song together and about two years ago we were speaking about culture and how some artists are aggressive about their culture in their work while others finesse it.

“We spoke about Snoop Dogg as an example and at the time I had been thinking about how I could integrate my culture into my music but still keep my music authentically hip hop”, he said.

The signature and story is now presented in fashion, available from R350 to R550 inclusive of hoodies and t-shirts inscribed ZMWSP and a tracklist at the back.

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Aphelele Peyana

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