Riky Rick Tells Cassper To Get The F**k Outta Here

In a surprise move Riky told Cassper to Get The F**k Outta Here for what he coined as Cassper acting like a victim after wronging Riky and his family when they needed him the most.

For many years details of Cassper and Riky’s relationship has been in the shadows  and a big question on everyone’s mind because they used to be the best of friends, doing music, business and hanging everywhere. Whilst it was clear they weren’t friends anymore both artists never took the time to disclose the reasons behind their breakup.

Whilst Cassper raps about his relation with Riky and even screamed “I THOUGH YOU LOVED ME” Riky did not feel too amused as he fired shots by saying “What bothers me is cassper acting like a victim when they know what exactly what did. QHA. “I THOUGH YOU LOVED ME” GTFOH”

During their happy days the artists did songs such as Le Mpitse, Stay Shinning, Fuseg  and more and these made fire music together! Check out the songs below

Le Mpitse

Stay Shinning




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