Rouge Explains In Detail If There’s Bad Blood Between Her & Nadia Nakai

Rouge slams beefing rumors.

Rouge Explains In Detail If There’s Bad Blood Between Her & Nadia Nakai. For years SA Hip Hop fans have perpetuated speculations that Nadia Nakai and Rouge are not in good terms, for the third time the Bazigally rapper had to shed some clarity.

During an interview with MacG on Podcast and Chill , Rouge set the record straight to slam the rumour that has grown to be perceived by others as fact.

“Honestly speaking, there is no beef. There is no problem between Nadia and I. It gets really frustrating, the fact that people are trying to create beef. It’s very very annoying,” Rouge said.

She went on to state that they are not friends but they have nothing against each other.
“It’s also okay that we not friends. I’ve known Nadia for a while and it’s just that life pushed us in different directions. We have different circles and our different spaces. Not to say that when we do see each other, it’s not a thing if we don’t greet each other or such things. When I see her, I say ‘hi’ and she greets back.”

She added that people are pushing for female rappers to beef because they can’t stand to see them excel in a male-dominated game.

“I think people are just doing that because I’m here killing what I’m killing and Nadia is there killing what she’s doing.

“I’m friends with some female rappers and am not friends with others, and it’s fine. I don’t feel like we need to get along with everyone.”

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