Tweezy Shares Why He Feels No FOMO For Booze And Cigarettes’

Tweezy Shares Why He Feels No FOMO For Booze And Cigarettes'

Hip hop and alcohol go together like bread and butter but there are those who have become an acceptation to the rule such as one of Mzansi’s top hip hop producers Tweezy.

Tweezy responded to a tweep whom he sympathized with, after she shared her fears on stomach ulcers. The award winning hitmaker responded to the tweep sharing that he had a near death experience with the same health issue, which is why he has sworn of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes because they have been proven to be one of the leading causes of stomach ulcers.

“I almost died from them. I have no Fomo for alcohol or smokes Shem” Tweezy wrote.

He further cautioned the tweep, advising them to listen to her doctors orders and take the required medication as instructed and live their best lives.

“Dawg take those meds and enjoy life hey” he said.

It’s probably going to be very hard with the country slowly going back to normal and the festive peaking from around the corner, but if Tweezy can do it, anyone can do it.

By Sinakho Mandla


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