Watch! Kwesta’s Daughter Khai Leaves An Astonishing Impression

Kwesta is a proud father.

Watch! Kwesta’s Daughter Khai Leaves An Astonishing Impression. Despite the happiness of expecting another child, Kwesta couldn’t help but share with the masses how smart her 7 year old daughter Khai.

Kwesta is one of the most committed fathers in SA Hip Hop who do more than just post images of their children but share how positively they contribute to their growth as humans. The rapper’s daughter has a birthday coming up and instead of asking for a typical dolls and barbie dresses she wanted something else.

“Her birthday is coming up and I was tryina save money for LOL and OMG dolls but she ain’t bout that life… SHE WANTS TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!😭😭😭” wrote the Spirits rapper.

“When Khai was born my world was a mess. It was 2012, I shot the Boomshakala video in Cape Town, days after her birth. A month later, we went on THT(The Hangover Tour) with Cashtime Fam… A real tour! Like, we didn’t go to shows on the weekend and come back during the week… We were GONE! That shit ended in Jan and I came back home having had a life changing experience and no money,” wrote the platinum selling artist detailing his experience when his daughter was born.

Spoken so articulately she said:

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