Saudi On How He Will Be Establishing Gangster Rap In SA

Saudi On How He Will Be Establishing Gangster Rap In SA. SA Hip hop is one genre that allows artist to practice best their versatile styles and add more sub-genre to grow it. Saudi is one of the stars who is adamant on leaving behind a legacy of altering the game.

The Anymore rapper expressed that he is planning on establishing a certain kind of gangster rap in South Africa.

“Bringing back that gangsta rap isht in South Ah.. 🤔 Matter faq, establishing this gangsta rap isht in South Ah!

He added that he will continue to grant artists a chance to be authentic and proud.

“And CONTINUE to make a way for South African Artist to be both, proudly & authentically South African But further more! Be the most Commercially Successful, Influential & Paid Recording Artist at a global scale. Itz’All I’m tryna do. Thank Me Later.

“I like how they involving us but ufck all that “Best International” bullisht. We do EVERYTHING GREAT, Stop Playin’!”

Gangster rap is described as a form of rap is a subgenre of hip hop music that emerged in the mid- to late 1980s as a distinct but highly controversial rap subgenre, portrauong the lives of black street gangs and hustlers. The likes of Tupac, Redman and Wu Tang to mention a few made it popular to the morden culture.

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