Sean Pages Credits DJ Double D’s Mixing And Mastering Skills

Sean Pages Credits DJ Double D's Mixing And Mastering Skills

DJ Double D Double has established himself not only as a top class hip hip and club DJ, but he is also the go to guy when it comes to mixing and mastering, as he has worked on some of our favourite songs and albums with many local favourite artists.

One of the many people who have sung praises for the DJ and his skills is rapper Sean Pages, who gave credit where it was due. Taking to twitter, Pages posted an appreciation tweet to Double D stating that even though the ‘Yeah’ hit maker is quite the complex character, he is a beast when it comes to audio production.

“Now Double D might be one emo cat but that mans lays it down with the mixing n mastering” Sean wrote.

The club DJ has been has been making some dope moves of his own in his career behind the scenes having mixed, mastered, executive produced, featured and designing the artwork for the first ever compilation album Sumo Rap Volume 1 for the popular night club, as well as assisting on Da LES’ latest album ‘Caution To The Wind’.

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