Faith Nketsi Explains Why She Will Expose More On The New Season Of ‘Have Faith’

Faith Nketsi Explains Why She Will Expose More On The New Season Of ‘Have Faith’. Model and rapper Faith Nketsi made a decision last year to extend the exposure of her capabilities by embarking on a deal to have a real TV show, Have Faith.

Have Faith drew the attention of most people who have been curious about the sassy star’s life, but it didn’t deliver most of what fans wanted to know. Luckily for the new season, things are about to change.

“I feel like the first season didn’t really allow fans to know me and the fact that there’s more to me that meets the eye, but that is partially my fault because I wasn’t really comfortable.”

“The second season is definitely different, it’s a different vibe and is all about me, in the sense that I open up a lot more and the same goes for everyone else on the show.”

Nketsi admitted that she feels part of the reason her first season didn’t blow up may have been because she didn’t really “know what she was doing”.

“You know sometimes you don’t really wanna cause unnecessary attention to yourself. But, I heard the cries from people on social media (that I was too closed up) and I understood where they were coming from.

“Like they would see one person on Instagram and then see a completely different person on the reality show and so they also felt like I wasn’t opening up. But, I knew that I wasn’t opening up because I wasn’t comfortable. So I went back, sat down and ‘OK, I’m gonna put my all in it and just see what happens’ for the second season.”

The reality TV star expressed also why she is putting an end to the rap career she was trying to take on. 

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