“I only date trust fund babies now,” AKA Reveals

“I only date trust fund babies now,” AKA Reveals. Each year we can already predict that we will be introduced to another certain kind of freedom of expression from Supa Mega. He didn’t do it different this time, the father of one fuelled on assumptions that his 21 year-old girlfriend is a “trust fund” baby.

Most times AKA finds himself interacting with social media users who push to a point of saying things most feel would be better unsaid. The Jika rapper’s unapologetic attitude doesn’t allow him such restriction. The 32 year-old is one of a very few male rappers to receive a PS5 from their partners, and as most would agree it’s a gift worth bragging about.

Not much is known about the financial status of Nelli but there has been assumptions that she comes from a well doing family in KZN. While most were debating on whether she bought the game with Mega’s money or hers, Forbes clarified that he dates trust fund babies.

A trust fund baby is a child who has inherited fortunes left by his or her family.

The two seem to be having a good relationship after they slammed breakup rumours suspected to have been set in motion by cheating scandals.


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