“We gonna hear Drake on AmaPiano soon,” Cassper Confirms

“We gonna hear Drake on AmaPiano soon,” Cassper Confirms. The debate on Cassper taking on Amapiano and actually setting trend for other rappers to follow remains hot in 2021. And Mufasa is sure that his style can go through borders.

Cassper has always shown interest in dance music, when AmaPiano became a big genre he didn’t waste time and tapped in. At first, the Doc Shebeleza rapper was met with the criticism from fellow stars accusing him of diluting SA Hip Hop. At first the father of one made a statement that he wasn’t feeling welcomed in Hip Hop, it was when other rappers dropped AmaPianothat he was reminded of the trend he set and the impact he has on the game.

Nyovest proudly declares that he is the leader of the game and believes that Drake will soon tap into Amapiano as well and people will finally respect his words.

“I tweet to teach but all they wanna do is reply and trend. If we could just learn how to appreciate our own authentic arists and sounds before they are exploited. We gone hear Drake on Amapiano soon and yall gonna love it. Why yall got mad when I did it is just beyond me,” wrote Mufasa.

He further explained that an inside source told him that Drake has a few Mapiano songs on his upcoming album.

“Ofcos i do. Word is he got a few Mapiano records on his album. Hopefully they make the album and I don’t jinx things for anybody but it would dope for the sound to get out. Would be dope for the sound to come out. Hope they don’t take the shine away from where it comes from doe,” concluded Nyovi.

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