Yanga Chief Drops Pop Star Merchandise

Yanga Chief Drops Pop Star Merchandise. Yanga Chief is starting his year off with some money moves and is already putting in the work. The ‘BBAF’ rapper recently released his latest offering titled Pop Star and now he has officially dropped the merchandise too.

Hip hop artists have made merchandising part of their package to increase their income and fans have been supporting their faves with their brands such as Riky Ricks ‘Cotton Fest’, Cassper’s album merchandise and many more.

Taking to Instagram, Yanga showcased the dope tee’s available in black and white that are available for purchase online. If you were thinking of copping a tee, you’ll be happy to know that delivery is free nationwide.

According to the rapper the merchandise is flying off the shelves so its either you buy now or cry later.

Check out the dope merchandise below.

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