Gigi Lamayne Announces The Launch Of New #FURadio

Gigi Lamayne Announces The Launch Of New #FURadio. Gigi Lamayne is repping all the hard women such as herself in the game, that are pioneering their way through the industry which tends to be very bias against the femcee’s.

Making an example of herself and other female rappers such as Nadia Nakai, Gigi shared how it’s been a while since we’ve seen a dope female rapper come up in the industry and become great, however she is determined to fix that.

Gigi being the outspoken rapper that she is, is opening up the platform for all women who want to express themselves in a safe and non judgmental space.

Gigi hosted a live Instagram session introducing the new FU Radio podcast, sharing that she has created the online platform for all the sisters to form an empowering community to share their talents, to vent and to speak their minds.

The podcast will officially be launching tomorrow at 6pm and the Gigi gang is super psyched. This comes after the release of her latest single titled ‘Fxck Everybody’ which we hope will be followed by a new album.

watch the video below.

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