Rashid Kay Says Credit Is Due To Big Zulu For Introducing Certain Vocab To SA Hip-Hop

Rashid Kay Says Credit Is Due To Big Zulu For Introducing Certain Vocab To SA Hip-Hop. Rashid Kay is one of the most respected and looked up to rappers and creative directors in the industry. When Rashid shares his opinion on the rap game in SA, everyone turns their heads.

Recently Rashid took to twitter to share an important thing he has noticed in hip-hop. He has often shared his thoughts about Big Zulu and his influence on hip-hop. The television producer told his twitter followers that the Mali Eningi hitmaker has been influential in introducing certain vocabulary to SA hip-hop.

Rashid makes it known, that credit is certainly due to Big Zulu for his influence. “I hear a lot of “ushuni” and “inkabi” on some new songs. That vocab was never used before Big Zulu’s album. first album “Ushuni we Nkabi” Just giving credit where credit is due.” Rashid writes.

Rashid Kay has spoken about Big Zulu before on social media. He previously advised Big Zulu not to make a remix for his song Mali Eningi. He added that most SA Hip-Hop remixes are not as big as the original.

Big Zulu released his first album Ushun Wenkabi in 2018. The rapper announced recently that his sophomore album Ungqongqoshe Wongqongqoshe achieved gold status.

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