Zulu Mecca Reflects On Her Own Progress As A Hip Hop Artist

Zulu Mecca Reflects On Her Own Progress As A Hip Hop Artist. Actress and rapper Mandisa Nduna also known as Zulu Mecca has paid her dues as a hip hop artist and whether or not you agree, she is proud of her own efforts in the often cold world of hip hop.

Although she I very under rated in the game, Mecca took to twitter to share how proud she is of herself and the work she has done so far. The masses were shook to find out just how much the rapper put in her blood sweat and tears Inyo making her last projects.

Mecca revealed that not only did she write write and record her Ep titled Of Angels And Ancestors but she is also behind the sound engineering of the project.

She further revealed that both of her music video that have dropped including the latest visual for the Stogie T assisted single Food And Liquor were steered by her, and funded out of her own pocket.

“I’m doing well. I have dope music out, my EP was written, recorded, mixed and mastered solely by me. I have two great music videos out, all executive produced and funded solely by me. I’m getting better at this rap thing everyday. I’m high key proud of me” she wrote.

Fans of the Food And Liquor rapper complimented the rapper for her versatility and her multi talents agreeing that she is indeed a beast at what she does and she should keep doing the most.

That is some next level commitment right there!!!

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