Nadia Nakai Says She Hasn’t Seen Cassper In Months, Could This Be The Reason?

Nadia Nakai Says She Hasn’t Seen Cassper In Months, Could This Be The Reason? Nadia Nakai has built an expansive brand for herself through her music now through her television gigs. Nadia has quickly risen to being one of the most prominent rappers in SA and she is growing to be a multi talented artist.

Cassper Explains Why Nadia Is The Only Rapper Signed To His Label

Nadia recently opened up her Instagram story platform to answer questions from her fans that have been on their mind. The questions ranged from fans asking her about when her Practice music video featuring Vic Mensa is dropping to asking who her favourite female rapper is.

A fan asked the More Drugs hit maker how her boss Cassper Nyovest reacted to her appearing on AKA’s ‘The Braai Show With AKA’. Their question wrote, “What did Cass say wen u told him about the braai show b4 u accepted to be interviewed?”

Nadia answered the question mentioning that she didn’t tell him she was going to appear on the season finale of the show. She said, “Well, I didn’t tell him and I haven’t seen him in a couple of months so.. I don’t know”.

When Nadia appeared on ‘The Braai Show With AKA’, it was evident that Cassper wasn’t happy with her appearance on the show. The Family Tree CEO boss reacted by commenting Nadia’s post promoting her episode of the show. A fan had left a comment saying that AKA will get the last laugh. Cassper responded to the comment telling the fan that he’ll see about that when AKA gets the balls to step in the ring with him.

Nadia and Cassper have always been open about their relationship with each other. When Cassper appeared on SABC 3’s Trending SA, he explained that he likes working with Nadia because she usually does her own thing. He further explained that Nadia is the type of artists that doesn’t need to be babysat, and that their partnership works because she doesn’t look to step on his toes.

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