Stogie T Names 5 Of His Favourite SA Freestylers

Stogie T Names 5 Of His Favourite SA Freestylers. Stogie T was named SA hip-hop’s best lyricist for 2020 at the SA Hip Hop awards. He has a way of grabbing a listener’s attention with his smooth bars. The rapper and now executive producer took time share his list of his favourite SA freestylers.

Sean Pages recently took to twitter share his list of the best freestylers he knows. The Blind rapper’s list included the likes of YoungstaCPT, Maggz and L-Tido.

Stogie T also took a moment to share his list under Sean Pages’. Stogie T’s 5 favourite freestlyers include L-Tido, YoungstaCPT, ProVerb, Snazz D and Zubz. He also shared the best freestyle he has ever heard.

I rate L Tido, Snaz D, YoungstaCPT, Verb, Zubz but the very best I have ever heard was Gemini from Cashless Society. I hardly go off the top and I am out of practice but it don’t take but a couple of days to gain form.” Stogie wrote.

Ginger was apart of a hip-hop group that was active in the 2000s called Cashless Society. Members from the rap group were from South Africa and Botswana. The rap group won three SAMA awards in 2004 for their album Hottentot Hop Bantu 1,2.

Stogie T has always taken pride in keeping the lyricism in South Africa alive. He began in 2020 by creating ‘Freestyle Friday’ a platform where rappers around the country were brought together by their love of hip-hop to spit bars over a beat chosen by Stogie T every week.

The platform has since grown and found its home on Channel O where Stogie T interviews rappers currently in the game and introduces new rappers to the audience.

So far, the show has featured the likes of Shane Eagle, Miss Pru DJ, Nadia Nakai and Deekay Did It.

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