Yanga Chief Explains Why It Was Important For Him To Work With MaXhosa Africa For His Album Cover

Yanga Chief Explains Why It Was Important For Him To Work With MaXhosa Africa For His Album Cover. Award winning Yanga Chief has proven from time to time that his music will always carry a rich Xhosa influence. His music always speaks back to his upbringing and his roots and he always has more elements of his artistry to bring his influences too.

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The Utatakho rapper recently appeared on the Texx Talks Podcast to speak about his journey from growing up in Queenstown, Eastern Cape to relocating to Johannesburg and making money off of songwriting and making music. Yanga and the podcast’s host spoke also spoke in depth about his SAMA Award winning EP Becoming a Pop Star, his album Pop Star and why it was important for him to work with the creator of the MaXhosa Africa fashion brand Laduma Ngxokolo for the album cover.

He mentioned that the National lockdown also assisted him in giving him time to be more purposeful in what he does around his music.

Yanga explained that the two of them share a clan name and it was just destined for the two of them to work together.

He said, “I’ve always wanted to work with Laduma because we share the same clan name. So I always felt like it was something pre-destined you know, pre-ordained on us to do something together. But I could never really put my finger on how we could do it, something that he hasn’t done before.

I was trying to put together this album cover, I wanted it to have the same consistency as Neighbourhood Genius, Becoming a Pop Star, and Pop Star which is just my face in different ways.

Yanga is planning to create a trilogy of albums around ‘Pop Star’ and has mentioned that he is already working on the third album ‘Pop Star 2’.

Listen to Yanga Chief’s interview with Texx Talks here:

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