Kwesta Is Back With His New Album God Guluva: Fans React

Kwesta Is Back With His New Album God Guluva: Fans React Kwesta‘s sophomore album DaKar II was one of the most successful albums of 2016. The album itself and it’s singles went platinum with some South Africans naming it a classic! The award winning rapper is back with a new album and has everyone excited with what he has planned next.

As soon as midnight struck Kwesta took to his twitter page to announce the official release of his new album g.o.d Guluva. In the tweet he writes that usually at that time he’s sleeping but he was up because his album is out! He urged fans to go get the album! He wrote, “Normally, ngilele this time, but vandag, ngivukile. G.O.D GULUVA ifikile. Stream now #godguluva“.

The 15 track album has a massive feature list with some of Kwesta’s close frends and fellow rappers appearing on the album. The album includes the likes of Yanga Chief, TLT, Makwa, Troublle, K.O, Focalistic, Bassie, Reason, Kid X, Thabsie, Zingah and Umzulu Phaqa.

The album has been well received by Kwesta’s fans and fellow rappers loving everything about the release. Many of them took to twitter to share their love for the rapper.

Duncan tweeted about the album mentioning that the album is out now and urged everyone to go check it out. He wrote, “Phumile inamba namba inja yase K1 #GodGuluva is now available on all digital stores ikasi livukileeeee baba“.

DJ Switch showed love to Kwesta mentioning that he sees Kwesta’s R&B vibe on the 12th track featuring Zingah. “Daaaamn . Kwesta #daaiding nigga lol I see you bro on that rnb s/o . Zingah c’mmmooonn with it #GodGuluva This is for the huns Tjo” He wrote.

Reason featured on the 8th track on the album Ma Se Kind, and wrote that if there was ever a track that expressed how much he loves Kwesta it’s that song. He thanked Kwesta for always being a brother to him.

Kwesta If there was ever a song that fully expressed how much I love you, it’s this one. Thank you for always being a “brother from another mother” to me! I dedicate this song to you, as you unlock #godGuluva to the world! Congratulations. “Ons is nca, My #MaSeKind!” He wrote.

A fan wrote that the growth in the music is crazy considering he has listened to Kwesta since the beginning of his career. He also writes that it is certainly an album that is worth a listen and could be in his opinion what SA Hip Hop has been missing for a while because the album is so versatile.

Another fan says he’s played the album three times and his favourite songs are Kubo, Nthabiseng, Ma Se Kind, and The Bottom.

Another fan said the production on the album is exceptional.

Download Kwesta’s new album g.o.d Guluva here:

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