Cassper: “I Got The Biggest Song In The Country”

Cassper: “I Got The Biggest Song In The Country”. After the release of his last album Any Minute Now, Cassper is ready to release a new amapiano project with the assistance of producer Abidoza. The rapper recently released his third single of 2021 and it has been received exceptionally well and he is celebrating a successful milestone for it.

Cassper Challenges Opinion That Pretoria Has The Best Rappers

Cassper recently dropped his new single Siyathandana featuring Boohle and Abidoza and the singe flew all the way to the top of the iTunes charts shortly after it’s release. The single also hit number one on Spotify’s Daily Top 50, and topped Deezer and Apple Music’s charts too. Even after some amapiano fans critiqued the song saying Cassper had ruined it, his fans showed up for the single.

The rapper celebrated the achievement by tweeting a video where he said, “Well guys, you can’t have it all. Woke up today, I have a big ass pimple. So I might not have clear skin but I got the biggest song in the country.” and sang the lyrics to the track.

Cassper‘s new album Sweet & Short 2.0 is set to be released on the 30th of June 2021. Siyathandana is the third single from the project after the release of Angisho Guys and Ama Number Ayi’10 earlier in the year. Although the album has not been released yet, just by preorders of the album alone, it shot up to number 1 on the Apple Music Dance charts surpassing Josiah De Disciple’s Spirits of Mokoela.

The rapper is also on a big quest to become South African Hip Hop’s first billionaire. He has reiterated on his social media that he has lined up two big deals that will secure him the position and make him a big force to be reckoned with in the industry. He has not mentioned what the deals could be, but there has been speculation about a sneaker deal with local footwear brand Drip Footwear.

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