Rashid Kay Uses Stogie T and Ifani To Justify Why The Entertainment Industry Is So Cut Throat

Rashid Kay Uses Stogie T and Ifani To Justify Why The Entertainment Industry Is So Cut Throat. Rashid Kay is one of SA Hip Hop’s biggest and oldest voices always dropping gems whenever he can to educate Hip Hop heads across the country. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, he has certainly learnt a thing or two and never holds back in explaining why some things are the way they are.

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There has been much conversation lately about Big Xhosa’s place in SA Hip Hop because he has been so consistent with his releases and his numbers. His collaboration with iFani, iKuku Endala did not land well with some SA Hip Hop fans with Sol Phenduka sharing on Podcast And Chill that he felt the song is trash.

Creative director, rapper and radio DJ Rashid Kay added his voice to the Twitter conversation differentiating between entertainment and talent in South Africa. He used rappers Stogie T and IFani to justify why the entertainment industry is the way it is today. He also shared why he feels Idols contestants don’t make it as far in the entertainment industry.

It’s called ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY for a reason, not TALENT INDUSTRY. Stogie T is more talented than IFani IFani is more entertaining than Stogie T. (No disrespect) That’s why these TALENTED Idols contestants hardly make it in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. #BigXhosa

Rashid Kay also spoke on Big Xhosa’s latest release as SOS explaining that fans should treat Big Xhosa and SOS as two separate artists even if SOS is Big Xhosa’s alter ego. Big Xhosa trended on Twitter after he released I Hate Me Too.

Big Xhosa is SOS’s alter ego. SOS shouldn’t be responding for Big Xhosa, they should be 2 different artists. Now the lines are blurred, that’s why Big Xhosa is trending instead of SOS. Big Xhosa didn’t release “I Hate Me Too”, SOS did.”

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