25K Drops Highly Anticipated ‘Pheli Makaveli’ Album!

25K Drops Highly Anticipated Pheli Makaveli album, collaborates with FLVME on new single ‘Dusk Till Dawn’.

Atteridgeville born rapper 25k finally, drops his debut album Pheli Makaveli arguably the most anticipated release of 2021 and by the hip hop community at large. The rapper broke onto the scene with his debut single  Culture Vulture. The smash-hit was so successful it landed him a remix alongside Emtee and Aka, which later on bagged Best Remix at the South African Hip Hop Awards.

The story of project starts with the intro titled ‘Pheli Makaveli’ that encompasses the rappers then-current state of mind and that of the hip hop scene.It also tells a tale of his journey and accomplishments. The inspiration for the entire song came from the melody of the sample in the beat. The outro skit is a news report from Atteridgeville that showcases the daily lives in the hood.

Track two ‘Blarofonia’ pays homage to the west coast. Omerta is of an oath and track three. Firstly, it is an oath to brotherhood with his homies, secondly to never letting his mother down and ultimately himself and his contribution to the game. It is about holding each other down and never succumbing to culture vultures.

A-Reece features on the fourth track to solidify the Hustlers prayer. It is about staying on your hustle and the persistence of the grind. It is a Hustlers prayer!

The entire album encompasses different experiences, evident in ‘Trap Jumpin’, Track four that will make you feel like you hanging out with 25k at the trap having a good time. ‘Trap Jumpin’ features wordplays, street slang and an outro skit featuring the infamous gangster Maleven.

The second half of the album sees a guest appearance by Emtee the Hustler, one of 25k’s biggest influences. Track six ‘Self Made’ is all about making it from the bottom up and not switching up when you get there, so it only made sense to feature the Goat.‘Dagwood’ follows with flows and rhythms about females and never catching feelings.

‘Project baby’ Interlude is all about growing up I the hood. It is a project baby in the South African context.In the Hook; “I stick to the process, I was raised in the project”, he expresses his loyalty to the hood, and how he used his street knowledge to get out of the hood.

25k continues to showcase his talent on Track 9 with a creative play on two songs in one. ‘Apple Soda Record Deal’ on the one side of Apple Soda the rapper shows off his rap skills on the switch up Record deal, speaks about misunderstanding record labels and the music business. The outro skit is by 2pac from Source magazine interview that 25k relates to as Makaveli never minced his words and always got his point across.The Project sees many collaborations from features to producer Flame makes it on Dusk till Dawn on Track 10. Dusk till dawn is the only track that isn’t produced by Zoocci on the album Produced and featured Flame.Pheli Makaveli ends with ‘Kings Gambit Bag man’ as track 11 featuring Killer X. Killer started off in the game with 25k, pushing Pheli rap and Kasi trap. This one is for shining a light on PTA, titledLastly, Track 12 ‘Quarter To 6’ Ends of high note featuring dope boi himself Maglera, Enjoy.

Listen to ‘Pheli Makaveli’ Here

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