ManuWorldstar and Gemini Major Fuse African Sounds To Create AfroPiano

ManuWorldstar and Gemini Major Fuse African Sounds To Create AfroPiano. SAMA nominated, platinum-selling star, Manu WorldStar and multi-platinum-selling musician, Gemini Major, have joined forces to drop a new track ‘Short Story’. The track is an amazing love story about meeting someone who catches your eye and trying to figure out who she is, where she’s from and most importantly, what’s her story.

The incredible single combines the hottest genre in Africa right now, Amapiano, with the last genre, to take the continent by storm, AfroBeats, to create what one might call, AfroPiano. “I think everyone enjoying the Amapiano sound, at the moment will enjoy this track. We added an Afro feel to it. It has the power to cross borders and that’s what we are hoping for,” shares the duo.

Not only has Manu Worldstar drop new music, but he has also dropped his record label Sony, the track ‘Short Story’ is his first as an independent artist. Taking to Instagram, ahead of the song’s Manu Worldstar made the huge announcement. “Thank you, Sony, you helped me grow and achieve a lot. It’s time for me to spread my wings,” he said

As Manu Worldstar spreads his wings, he continues to pave his own way in the industry showing that he is more than that guy from season two of The Hustle. “I’ve been working, trying to create my own sound and at this point, I think I’m in a space in my career where I have a sound that is mine. I worked for three years on this sound and I’m proud of it … in four, five years from now I’m going to see a lot of young Manu Worldstars,” he told TshisaLive.

Renowned producer Gemini Major, earlier this month let his fans know that they can expect some new material from him. The rapper announced that fans can await a 7 track E.P called Island water.“This project is the beginning of a new sound. Nothing but vibes to move your body and soul,#IslandWater…New single out July 30th,” Gemini shared on social media.

Gemini’s production skills are one of a kind and by releasing his own projects fans get to see more of him as an artist. The double threat artist is behind mega-hits such as ‘Juice Back’ by Nasty C and ‘Mayo’ by DJ Speedsta. Proving just how much of a hot producer, the Malwai native is he has won the Best Producer award at the SA Hip Hop Awards

The duo on Wednesday will be dropping the video for their banger exclusively on Trace Africa, meaning all over Africa everyone gets to hear the new song. Gemini Major and Manu Worldstar clearly had an amazing time in the studio creating the track as it is evident in the great beat they created. It is possible that this Short Story will not be the last collaboration between the two.

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