Nasty C and Flvme Crossovers Are A New Fave

Nasty C and Flvme Crossovers Are A New Fave. What will we do if the Zulu Man With Some Power, really never got his Juice Back? I mean lately he has been on his “King” work. Evolving each and every time he drops, Eazy. Okay enough with all the song references, Nasty C has to be one of the interesting artists we’ve ever had in South Africa.

Its really hard to believe that Nasty C has achieved alot in a short period of time and could be one of the most decorated artist of all time. His Latest single release Jack proves why you would love to hate him. With the heat he has been receiving for being too “repetitive” or “alienating” doesn’t seem to phase him at all because his discography simply brings to light why Nasty C is the definition of adaptable.

5 American Artists Nasty C Might Have An Upcoming Collaboration With

After building momentum from his 11-track Mixtape Zulu and 20-track album, Zulu Man With Some Power highlighting his growth over the years. We’ve been receiving more Nasty C than usual this year. One of the recent things in his run in the game is the crossovers between him and Flvme, who is a significant figure in the new wave. It’s been a while since we seen Nasty work with some of the artists from South Africa.

His collaboration with Stogie T on Dunno doesn’t go unappreciated. Flvme is one artist who is considered to be the most tapped in looking at his musical history from his first project Clouds Ep to his debut album CandyMan which got him two awards for “Best Male” and “Best Freshmen” at the SAHHA, 2019.

Flvme was known for working alongside A-Reece during The Wrecking Crew (TWC) Era and it’s been clear that they are still the best collaboration we’ve ever experienced. After their fall out with no love lost, what emerged is something we didn’t know would happen. A Nasty C and Flvme collabo. It was highly anticipated after CandyMan because Flvme worked with various artists but the timing is absolutely crazy.

Nasty C was first featured on Buddy off Flvme’s Dead Or Alive Ep with Zoocci Coke Dope last year November and now we have Nasty C on a song produced by Flvme. Whether their chemistry is built off being South Africa’s best Male or having a big influence in today’s youth.We are sure this won’t be the last time we hear from them

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