Priddy Ugly Takes Us Through His Sophomore Album Rollout In The First Episode Of The Soil Diaries!

Priddy Ugly Takes Us Through His Sophomore Album Rollout In The First Episode Of The Soil Diaries! As we get closer to the release of Priddy Ugly’s Sophomore Album, The Soil. The emcee gives us an insight of the project in his short documentary titled, “SOIL DIARIES.”

The Soil Diary Documentary shot by LarryOnSight features Wichi1080, Zoocci Coke Dope, Fred Mecury and Zulu Mecca. The gang talks about the making of the 10-track masterpiece and the build up to the final product. Priddy Ugly’s producer Wichi1080 starts the intro by explaining that The Soil sounds like the next generation’s guide to life especially with the song, Poltergeist being added to the project. He says that this is the type of project you’d listen to in the morning on your way to school and the way you going to operate at school, it’s going to be different compared to if you were listening to trap music in the morning.

Throughout the process, the team is asked to pick the top 3 songs from Priddy Ugly’s Tracklist. Most of the creatives’ top songs off the album appears to be Soil, which is an introduction, Reset and Whoa Whoa. Vaughn, who is Shane Eagle’s manager and Co-executive producer of his Yellow debut album, feels like the songs that were perfectly executed in Priddy Ugly’s package were “Woah, Woah” and “Lose Change”

The rollout to The Decision where the crew had to finalize everything, Zoocci Coke Dope talks about how Priddy Ugly had plans to take out The Pen and Spiritual Warfare off the project. The two songs were released under The Pen Era, two track Ep on the 11th of June. “Maybe like the pen on its own would’ve been like an immediate single but if we give it a moment on like a 2 track Ep then we can shoot a video for it. It has that thing, it’s moment. It kind of excites people before the album drops, obviously people will be disappointed like these things are not on the album. They are still there as of like if it was on the album, we wouldn’t have got the video out now…so when we spoke about that it made sense,” explained Priddy.

Wichi 1080 talks about the low end theory of the project where he elaborates further on how there’s no quality control when it comes the crafting with Priddy, when it’s him and the rapper they just simply work together and upload. Having to work with other people with their own creative differences like Zoocci Coke Dope who has his own formula to how a project should go out, has changed the initial plan of everything. “Sometimes you need to relinquish power, I came in to the picture relinquishing some power. I didn’t come here thinking I’m going to mix this shvt the Way I believe. I need to take pointers and if you can give some and get some – and understand it’s just how it is,” said Zoocci.

Priddy Ugly has spent hours orchestrating the Soil because every time he thought he was done with the project, they had to start over. The rapper says this album is going to be the reset of its own culture as the fans look forward to what may be Ugly’s Magnum Opus.

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