Prince Kaybee Reveals How Much Cassper Offered Him For Their Boxing Match And How Much He’s Demanding

Prince Kaybee Reveals How Much Cassper Offered Him For Their Boxing Match And How Much He’s Demanding. Plans for Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee’s boxing match are underway and it seems that fans of the artists might see them in the ring sooner than they think. Cassper is ready to knock Prince Kaybee out and he is tired of the popular producer subbing him and is ready for him to bring the action to the ring instead of the Twitter streets.

News of the celebrity boxing match was reignited after Prince Kaybee tweeted a tweet, that was seemingly aimed at Cassper. The rapper was clearly not about to let the shade slide, so he addressed the DJ directly on Twitter and told him exactly what he thought about his latest tweet.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to share his thoughts on celebrities and the disconnect they have from their fans. Prince Kaybee in his tweets did not mention any names but Mufasa got wind of his tweet. “Another thing about celebrities is the disconnect to the fans, they can’t seem to put back value where they got it from. For instance you give away samples to celebrity friends and never to the people that bring the value, so now it creates a talking point but never an impact,” tweeted the producer.

Even though Prince Kaybee mentioned no names but Cassper is a celebrity who has been seen giving out samples of his Drip Footwear Root of Fame .990 to various celebrities. Cassper clearly caught the shade and let Prince Kaybee exactly what he thought about his tweet. “Sa gago ke go bua marete ka nna. Sign the boxing contract, get the clout from me knocking your ass out or make a hit. The tweets ain’t gon make you more famous or more money. My shoe is doing well, I have the biggest song in the country & I can’t wait to knock you out o marete!!”

Judging from Cassper’s tweet, the hold-up for his boxing match with Prince Kaybee to take place is all because of the Charlotte hitmaker, as he needs to sign the contract. Prince Kaybee not signing the #CelebrityBoxing contract is a surprise to fans as he previously proclaimed that he has been wanting to f*ck the rapper, so one would have expected him to have signed the contract by now.

Prince Kaybee has now revealed exactly what has been delaying him from signing the contract and it all boils down to how much he was offered for the boxing match. The DJ responded to a tweet by Cassper regarding the hold up of the match and told the rapper exactly how much he wants if the fight to go ahead and it’s no cheap change. Prince Kaybee revealed he wants R2.5 million for the boxing match and not the 350K which he was offered, which he apparently makes on a dry month.

“But Shotpan you offered a 350k contract, o buwas masepa, I make that anyway in a dry month. So if its for free lets meet NOW where you are but if you going to make profit out of it I want 2.5Million, I’m not scared of your fake wealth papa, put your money where your mouth is,” tweeted Prince Kaybee.

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