Prince Nyembe Reflects On His Entrepreneurial Journey

Prince Nyembe reflects on his Entrepreneurial journey with Beam Group , the entertainment industry and commodity mining. The business mogul was reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey with business publication StartUp Mag

Beam Group was launched in 2015 and it achieved a number of milestones ranging from the Cruz Vodka and Reebok deal. Responding to a question about Prince Nyembe’s entrepreneurial journey, the entrepreneur replied “In 2015 I gave birth to a company called Beam Group (Beam the mind), it dominated the South African music industry for years as a force to be reckoned with, and something never to be seen again. Our first financial year we made R15 Million  and our last financial quarter the company had grossed R26 Million and the rest is history.”

Nyembe also touched on how Da Les played a huge role in helping him pioneer a lot of the brands he has worked with over the years. He went on to state that they are still close friends. “We grew up together in Bryanston; he helped me pioneer a lot of these brands. He had a huge social following so it was easy for me and him to plug some of the brands into our lifestyle,” he said. Prince Nyembe currently owns Tau Matla , a supply chain management and general trading company in the mining industry.

The entrepreneur also took time to share how Covid has affected his business by saying “Covid has had a huge impact on us .The lock down prevented us from trading but at the same time it also gave way for our local medical business. The commodity space dropped to an all time low. We couldn’t export we couldn’t trade locally it was a mess. I realised that we simply cannot live a sustainable life with one form of income. Covid taught me to respect money and use it wisely. Most importantly we need to collaborate as people the more we work together the more we can sustain the economy.”

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