Reason Responds To YouTuber Slik Talk Calling Him ‘A Failed Rapper’!

Reason Responds To YouTuber Slik Talk Calling Him ‘A Failed Rapper’! Contentious YouTuber, Slik Talk known for igniting heat with rappers has gained a reputation with his controversial unpopular/popular opinions to gain popularity. Reason became one of his victims back in 2019 when he dedicated a whole video criticizing Reason calling him “a failed rapper” who is a “horrible song maker”.

Whilst the video has been out for almost two years, it was brought up during a recent episode of MacG’s podcast on which they had Reason on the phone. Reason was asked by Sol Phenduka what he would do if he had to meet some of his critics/haters in person.

In response, Reason expressed that his only cry is that the YouTuber could sit him down and say what he has been saying about him to his face. “I don’t have a problem with the existence of a Slik Talk but I think being the older person that I am right now I can understand why a person like that exists. He represents people who think like that…. look at his likes look at his views,” he said.

It’s not a surprise that there are people who would agree on Slik Talk on his hot takes, the content creator has had disputes for sharing his own thoughts on SA’s biggest Hip-hop artists which some people find very solid. ”Some of the things he says you got to think… Let me look at it without emotions and taking it personal. You know, let me not listen to this right?,” Reason added. He went on to talk about how the YouTuber sometimes becomes erratic and says something dumb proceeding to involve other people and dissing everyone else in his videos. “Why are you dissing all of us when you are always in your bedroom? Like don’t you have an office? Like you know, like I see you got a new haircut but you are still in a bedroom with some shady covers. I don’t care if I’m not the biggest n*gga in the country right now and I don’t care if nobody likes my sh*t but you should look at my covers,” he added.

Reason also called out Slik Talk for dissing Bonang about being overseas and Nasty C even if he’s on vacation. He said he’d only respect the controversial content creator if he could talk to him directly or do an episode in Durban interviewing Nasty C. He even joked that only then will he wear a Slik Talk T-shirt on stage.

Reason is expected to return to MacG’s Podcast and Chill for a full interview on one of the upcoming episodes.

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