‘That’s Not True’ – Sjava Clarifies How Newcastle Performance Happened

‘That’s Not True’ – Sjava Clarifies How Newcastle Performance Happened. Rapper Sjava is one of Mzansi’s most recognisable rappers, in the county and although he may not be charting on the radio charts, he is still adored by his fans. With live performances currently on pause in the country, due to the Covid- 19 pandemic, it has been a while since fans have been treated to live performances from their favourite artists, however, recently a few Sjava fans were lucky enough to get one.

The award-winning rapper was recently in Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal and during his time there, he gave a few lucky fans a private performance. Sjava shared on Instagram several clips of him, sitting in a circle with children surrounding him. In the clips, Sjava is heard performing for the group, some of his hit’s songs such as ‘Mama’, which is requested for by one of the people watching. In the clip, a person can be heard saying “shaya enye baba, siyacela” (play another one, father please) and then another person suggests “uMama”, Sjava accepts the request and sings the popular song for the crowd.

The clips on his Instagram page were well received with many commending the rapper for taking time out and granting his fans with the special performance, that they will probably not be forgetting anytime soon. One of the clips, however, landed on Twitter after being shared by a Twitter user. The tweep, however, shared a misleading caption for his tweet, which the rapper was quick to correct.

#KingSjava on some “Vumelani abantwana beze kimi” (allow the children to come me) type of thing. He did this as a token of appreciation after the kids had helped clean up the mess left by looters in his hometown,” read the tweet. Sjava responded by letting the tweep know that the information he supplied was not true and in fact, the video was taken at his friend’s carwash and the group of people had simply asked him to sing for them. “That’s not true Nkabi yami i was at friends car wash in blabhoshi newcastle and people came bacela ngibaculele this is not my home town,” tweeted Sjava.

Tweeps thanked Sjava for clarifying the tweet and especially considering how fast fake news spreads, Sjava did well by setting the record straight. It is evident from the video, that the award-winning artist has a strong fanbase that still rides for his music. One takeaway from his performance in Newcastle fans love, Sjava’s music especially tracks from his 2018 album, Umqehele. The artist now needs to bless his fans with some 2021 music, he last dropped a project ‘Umbenzi’ in 2020 and the pandemic has resulted in him not being out and about performing as he used to be.

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