Viral Upcoming Rapper Tunez RSA Reveals He Is In Talks For A Distribution Deal

Viral Upcoming Rapper Tunez RSA Reveals He Is In Talks For A Distribution Deal.Tunez RSA has become the man of the moment after stealing the spotlight, during a news broadcast insert. News cameras are currently all over Mzansi streets of late, following recent looting incidents. The emerging rapper was pulled aside for a comment on the looting at Jabulani Mall in Soweto by an eNCA TV crew and instead of sharing his views, he shared his talent.

“It’s your boy Tunez RSA, Kippiza Musiq, Kippiza international. We’re doing this sh*t for the love of the music,” rapped the 24-your-old as he held on firmly to the mic. TunezRSA 15 seconds of fame have been a rollercoaster ride as he has become a social media sensation. Since his moment of fame, Tunez RSA has been a busy man, proving that he did the right thing by grabbing the opportunity and showing the nation his skills.

Tunez RSA has since done several interviews, he has been on Morning Live on SABC 2, he has talked to Thando Thabethe on 947 and even Slikour himself. Tunez RSA is making sure everyone knows exactly who he is as he promotes, his music.

On the latest episode of Podcast and Chill with Mac G, Tunez RSA is called by the popular podcaster for a chat and for him to clarify if he is being signed by Slikour. It seems MacG had gotten wind of Slikour’s interview with TunezRSA during his OnLife Radio interview but got things a little twisted, but Tunez made sure to put things straight. “Is it true that Slikour wants to sign you?” asked MacG. Tunez responded and said, “he doesn’t want to sign me he wants to do distribution for me,” said Tunez RSA. “So, you are dope,” exclaimed co-host Sol Phenduka.

During Tunez RSA interview with Slikour, the young rapper was asked if his music is on streaming platforms. TunezRSA explained that he is still waiting for “Distrokid to actually accept it”. “Nha look, send it through to us we will distribute it for you,” said Slikour. “Shoutout bro! I’ve been looking for that,” an excited TunezRSA said. TunezRSA went on to explain, he tried to reach out to Nota. “He didn’t answer my call, I don’t know what I did to Nota, Nota it’s all love from me bro but after the show you just went mute bro, I don’t know what’s going on,” Slikour assured TunezRSA that he and his team would be assisting him, and he should not worry. Slikour also mentioned during the interview that he is launching a “distribution thing, we already distributing anyway.”

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