Watch! Here’s How Da L.E.S Finds Alcohol During Lockdown

Watch! Here’s How Da L.E.S Finds Alcohol During Lockdown! Rapper Da L.E.S has dropped a new project and unfortunately, it is not new music but a Vlog. Could this mean that the rapper is aiming to be the next Youtube star? Well, that remains to be seen but for now, the rapper is having fun with his newfound hobby. Da L.E.S has however assured fans that “new music” is on the way after a follower asked about a song that played the end of his vlog.

Da L.E.S shared on social media the reason for his no ordinary Vlog. On his first Vlog, the rapper lets viewers know that “this is not one of those yho what up it’s your boy Da L.E.S…” kind of vlog as “unfortunately that guy is dead, he got killed, coronavirus killed him, there is nothing to do but give you guys some content”. In the vlog, the rapper gives some interesting content that most South Africans can relate to, “how to buy alcohol in lockdown”.

The sale of alcohol in South Africa is currently banned but some people have managed to obtain alcohol during these tough times. Along with DJ Speedsta the two venture off to try and obtain something to quench their thirsts and from the vlog, the two make it seem easy. The two are seen parked in a parking lot and Da L.E.S later makes a call to an unknown man and then 10 minutes later, a delivery man comes to the passenger’s side of the car and hands over the goods.

DJ Speedsta was left surprised as to how easy their mission went. “Buying booze in lockdown, people thought it was impossible,” Da L.E.S tells Speedsta. “I won’t lie, until you showed me, I also did,” Speedsta responds. The popular DJ then goes on to share that he has not had a drink in three weeks, which is when liquor was banned. On the other hand, it had only been three hours since Da L.ES had a drink.

The rapper has promised his viewers more content, it will be interesting to see what other kind of content he will be serving fans. Viewers enjoyed having a laugh whilst watching his vlog and have turned on the notification bell, so they don’t miss the next one. “Appreciate the love y’all’ more content on the way! SUBSCRIBE F**KERS 😩😩🤣🤣🤣🤣” wrote Da L.E.S on Instagram.

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