Jay Jody Recalls Hardships B3nchMarQ’s Faced When They Dropped Their Debut Album

Jay Jody Recalls Hardships B3nchMarQ’s Faced When They Dropped Their Debut Album. Three years ago, Hip Hop duo B3nchMarQ dropped their highly anticipated debut album, We Had Hope and to celebrate Jay Jody took to social media to celebrate their journey. Looking back at the past often helps a person see just how far they have come and B3nchMarQ has certainly come a long way from when they first entered the industry.

Jay Jody shared that releasing the album independently was not an easy task, especially considering the hardships they went through following B3nchMarQ’s departure from their former label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. “3 Years Ago on this day – we dropped our debut album titled “We Had Hope” independently, it was so damn hard considering we were trying to survive a smear campaign,” tweeted Jay Jody.

The rapper also added in his tweet, that he can now confidently call the project a call classic and thanked his fans for supporting them throughout. “Anyway, we made what I can now confidently call a Classic. Love to the GangGANG for supporting us throughout❤,” he added. On the album, B3nchMarQ addresses several issues included the drama with their former label. B3nchMarQ gave fans an album that consisted of a mixture of song ranging in sounds from love songs, and turn up music. We Had Hope, is a 17 track album with 3 features and the album was also widely celebrated by fans.

A fan shared with Jay Jody that he was upset that B3nchMarQ released the did video Gang Gang, but it is not available on the video platform, YouTube. The fan asked Jay Jody, “what happened to giving people what they need?” the fan also thanked the duo for being able to create magic. Gang Gang is a fan favourite track from the debut album.

Jay Jody responded to the fan and explained that they used to suffer from perfectionist syndrome back then and they wanted everything to be perfect especially considering everyone didn’t think they were good. “honestly lenyora, we used to suffer from the perfectionist syndrome real bad that time, we wouldn’t just do things. We wanted everything we dropped to be amazing, considering everyone thought we ain’t shit. Plus also we did alles on our own, wasn’t simple at all.” tweeted Jay Jody.

B3nchMarQ since dropping their debut album has gone to release several projects and this year, they dropped an album titled, Power Trip. For the Power Trip Album, the duo featured some big names in SA Hip Hop such as Kid X, Dream Team, Maggz, pH Rawz, Bigstar Johnson and Manu Worldstar.

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